P.U. Buckfart

Welcome to BuckFart Texas!
Population 3

Home of tall tails and taller tales, fish stories, campfire humor, cowboy poetry and maybe . . . just maybe a few small lies.

P. U. (Buck) Buckfart, the mayor of BuckFart, Texas is your host. Contrary to popular belief, BuckFart, Texas is the home of pure air, high Texas skies, deep canyons, high plains, piney woods, oak thickets, clean water and more than it's share of cactus quills. As beautiful is it is in BuckFart, it's always windy!

Remember . . .
Everything is bigger in Texas, even buck farts!

We are kind of laid back in BuckFart, Texas. Everything moves pretty slow round these parts, but more to come!


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